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Alen Eveliza

is an enterprise that for over 50 years has been committed to producing organic nutrients, with unique characteristics that make them essential in the bettering of health and well being of its consumers.

Our fundamental objective is to contribute to the benefit, wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients, based locally as well as over seas.

We are a leading enterprise well recognized in our country of origin as well as internationally, and we take great pride and care in being the only enterprise which has been able to combine medicine, nutrition and the attainment of health, through our deep understanding of medical science, organic agriculture and the desire to attain and maintain a healthy life.

Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free®

What are they?

Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free® are products that were invented and discovered after many years of investigation. Their nutrient molecules, that transport essential factors, can be found in a state of high level intermolecular aggregation. This results in very complex negentrophic molecules, in energy as well as stereo chemical distribution of its atomic components. This makes them highly serviceable as nutrients and repairers for the cells.

The concept of negentrophy, as applied to nutrition, encompasses a novel idea. It is the way in which nature produces complex molecules where the essential factors are found in special stereo chemical conditions. This way the different enzymes can act satisfactorily in their usage of the thermodynamic transformation gradients and in the posterior vital process of use that human beings require.

Unfortunately the nutrition process in the human species requires a thermic treatment in order to reduce the molecular size and weight of the nutrients (otherwise they would not be used), and this process alters the spatial situation of atoms in the nutrition molecules. This denaturalization along with a mediocre job by our digestive apparatus results in the destruction of a great quantity of the nutrient material. This produces a diminishment in the organic defenses (illness) and the reduction of life expectancy.

Discovery the secrets of our Digestive Process

How it works?

Our digestive process is not universal in its usage of all the nutritive molecules. Depending on size and weight, they will or will not be assimilated. In order for the digestive process to take place, it is necessary that the nutrient molecules be within a determined weight and a certain structural complexity.


This truth was discovered after many years of research, by means of extensive biological testing. We found that our digestive apparatus only assimilates proteins within a very narrow molecular margin, for example within a range of 500,000 to 380,000 molecular units (approximate value).


Our food contains molecular nutrients, but in very limited quantities. The majority or these molecules are outside of this spectra. For this reason our nutrition is completely deficient and, I repeat, we tend to be sickly and grow old prematurely.

Our task consisted of extracting molecular nutrients from cereals and marine alga, without them suffering deterioration caused by denaturalization and at the same time concentrating their quantities to a high level. This permits them to be within high digestive utility and a assimilation margin. The transporting vehicle used for the nutrient molecules was a natural compound like vegetable cellulose. For this reason only a small quantity of the compound that makes up ALEN® or EVELIZA® is needed to obtain a high contribution of nutrient material with a very significant level of repairing power.


It would be an almost impossible job to tabulate the biological nutritional capacity that cell has available to it while a patient is taking ALEN. There is no valid comparison between the weight of a vitamin of industrial origin and the nutritional power of a vitamin found in Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free®.

A comparison of this type would be irrelevant since it does not correspond to the nature of its structure. In the one case we are referring to the weight and in the other molecule to the state of spatial aggregation of its atoms. As with the relation to the water molecules as well as to the different radicals that make it up; where the energy that the molecule will lose intervenes in the transformation gradients within the metabolic slope, as well as the relation of the different enzymes that modify it.


Unfortunately within the scientific medium there is no process by which we can tabulate the value or nutritional potential of our Alen®, Eveliza® our Eveliza Gluten Free® compounds (negentrophy). No one can say when a nutrient molecule possesses more or less negentrophy. We have simply obtained data indirectly by biologically comparing thousands of animals that have been used in our experiments.

A Gift from

Our Nature

Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free® are products strictly natural in origin, that have no artificial additives or chemical modifiers added to conserve them. They are completely harmless to human health, data that is confirmed by the hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

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The most curious aspect of this discovery is that although it is a nutritional compound, it brings about health related changes that make us think that a therapeutic effect might exist, as if were a medication (Richard J. Wurtman, 1982). This is especially true with degenerative and involute illnesses (data confirmed by the extensive investigation material we possess). We are convinced that nutrition is the key to health, and the discovery we have made proves this to the maximum. In view of the latest scientific discoveries, we think that life and its stability in time is backed up by three fundamental evidences: 1) the maintainment of bio chemical and enzyme equilibrium between the telomeros and telomerasas in the fastest time possible; 2) the efficientness of a good apoptosis within the process of senescence tissular; 3) the presence of affective molecules that neutralizes the free radicals, such as superperoxidodismutasa. We intuitively believe that “good nutrition” is the key to reaching these benefits, but I insist that we have found that all foods are in a state of deterioration and denaturalization by way of the cooking process which we put them through.

Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free® bring about amazing repairing effects and modifications to the metabolism that benefit health. This is not comparable to the small amount of essential factors that can be found within the chemical formula. For example: we have only 0.37 mg of vitamin BI, or 1.0 mg of vitamin C, etc. With these small amounts we would not even dare to prepare a compound to be sold at a pharmacy since these are not even minimum amounts according to pharmaceutical manuals. Even so Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free® bring about incredibly miraculous modifications within lacking states just such incredibly small quantities of essential factors. This general rationalization helps us understand that the stereochemical repair of a molecule plays a key role within the nutrient molecules. It also helps us to have a clearer comprehension of the nutritive phenomenon, and to realize that we still have a long way to go in order to fully comprehend the innermost biochemistry of a cell. In this way we may conceive what is truly needed in human nutrition.


A New Discovery

A New Obstacle?

This discovery has opened new paths for interesting and fruitful investigations, but scientific roads are difficult to travel and in the majority of the cases the effects are discovered first and then the causes. To think the contrary and insist that in order to accept a discovery we must first demonstrate the causes, would mean a serious irreparable blow to human progress. If we had based our discoveries on this rationale, we would have accepted penicillin only 37 years after it was discovered by Fleming in 1928. This means that it would have only been accepted after James Park and Jack Strominger independently discovered in 1965 that penicillin blocks the last stage, the reaction of the transverse links, within the biosynthesis of the wall of the bacterial cell. To take the road of waiting, as many so called scientists imply, would have been a great stupidity. How many lives would have been lost in those 37 years, just by not taking advantage of this extraordinary discovery?

Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free® are great scientific advances that can be applied to our current nutritional problems. Even without being medicines they bring about impressive changes in human health and open many doors for biochemical and nutritional investigation. Alen®, Eveliza® and Eveliza Gluten Free®, evidently, modify health deterioration caused by degenerative and involute illnesses as well as hold back the rapid advances of premature aging.

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