Conceptual Medicine



With regards to nature and our life expectancy we have been given two options, the first one is that we can die young, while the second one is to be ¨lucky¨ enough to reach old age. However choosing the right path means, that we must fight an aggressive environment, where reaching old age with optimum health, depends on whether or not we kept our metabolic balance.

The discovery, knowledge and application of conceptual medicine, has 50 years in practice already, and based on the thousands of our healthy patients we can say, that this new approach to medicine, describes health and disease as simple observable changes. Where, attaining health depends on the patient, and it is obtained through the application of elemental methods that can restore health and prolong life.


Until now, the fight against degenerative disorders is carried out through the use of drugs that have little or no benefit to the patient, unless the patient is able to stabilize his/her metabolism. Thanks to conceptual medicine and the discipline that the patient acquires once he/she learns how to take care of their health, we can have patients whose degenerative disorders heal or get better, people who previously didn´t have any quality of life return to live full lives that they can enjoy. This work has been and continues to be tremendously gratifying, and it is practiced by a large team of medical practitioners in Ecuador, Germany and Switzerland.


We invite you to use this website to learn how to take care of your health and if we could help you become healthy and live a long life.