Organic Agriculture



At Industrias Alen Eveliza we know that nutrition is the key to a healthy life, yet not many people and this includes doctors, know that to truly have good nutrition, a person must ingest a minimum of 36 grams of nutrients in the form of amino acids, pro vitamins, pro minerals, water and animal fat. If we were to relate this to a meal, we would have to eat 10 turkeys with feathers and everything!!

This is why human nutrition is and will always be precarious, unless we consume Alen®, Eveliza® or Eveliza Gluten Free®. These meals contain the nutrients that are not found in our daily diets, and they were conceived with the believe that good nourishment can heal and can result in healthy and long life expectancy. Of course in 5 decades of intense work and very satisfactory results, today we know that longevity and health are attainable.

But to obtain these meals (e.g., Alen®, Eveliza®, Eveliza Sin Gluten®), not only was medicine involved, but also a strong know-how on organic agriculture, which we use to grow our own grains, allowing us to enrich the soil without using any type of harmful chemicals. Thus, our cereals have tremendous negentropic value and provide complete nourishment. And once these meals are combined with the basic principles of health, we obtain good quality of life and longevity.

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