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Unfortunately the nourishing process in the human species requires heating or cooking, in order to reduce the molecular size and weight of the nutrients, so these can be assimilated. This denatures our foods and results in the destruction of a great quantity of the nutrient material, giving rise to diminishment in the organic defenses (e.g illness) and the reduction of life expectancy.

ALEN®, EVELIZA® and EVELIZA Gluten Free® are cereal based nutrients in a very complex negentrophic state, where the essential actors are found in special stereo chemical conditions. Allowing perfect enzymatic recognition in the gut.

This is why these nutrients are great scientific advances that can be applied to our current nutritional problems. Even without being medicines they bring about impressive changes in human health and open many doors for biochemical and nutritional investigation. ALEN®, EVELIZA® and EVELIZA Gluten Free®, evidently, modify health deterioration caused by degenerative disorders and hold back the rapid advances of premature aging.



Metabolic Harmonizer



Metabolic Activator

Eveliza Gluten Free®


Metabolic Activator without Gluten

Eveliza Conceptual®


Cereal Compound

Eveliza Dr. Rau Amino
Acid Powder®

Essential Amino Acid Formula
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